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Training & Technical Assistance
Makouti Agro Enterprise provides training and technical assistance in a wide variety of areas. Makouti field officers, located in different regions of Haiti, provide on-farm demonstrations and workshops. In collaboration with the Farmer to Farmer Program, Makouti also coordinates trainings by international specialists.

Microenterprise Development
Makouti is comprised of producers, microenterprises and small commercial enterprises located throughout Haiti. The microenterprise development program focuses on new techniques, increasing efficiency, and furthering self-sufficiency while providing a platform for discussion and learning around business development and leadership.

Makouti is involved in research activities, conducting research on suitability of agricultural products in the different areas of Haiti. Some examples include experiments studying the growth of vegetables in different soil types, comparing honey production capacity between different models of beehives, developing food supplements from local vegetation, and studying chemical resistance of Haitian varroa mites.

Most products throughout Haiti are sold in local markets or are bartered. Some products are also sold to restaurants, hotels or through referral networks. Makouti provides assistance in ways to further expand these markets. Makouti market products members produce under a standard label and provide other marketing studies and services.

Competition for market share is very keen. Because of Makouti's presence and its large membership base, Makouti is a broad-based, highly-competitive agribusiness. Our members produce a variety of products for sale, and Makouti ensures a quality product. Products include honey, rabbit meat, coffee, fruits, vegetables, jams, fired clay products, and more.

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